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Bernstein on debt fight: 'Fake, manufactured controversy'

06/02/11 01:06PM

Carl Bernstein, Vanity Fair: "We’re headed for a train wreck. There’s a fake, manufactured controversy being stimulated in Washington, and particularly by the Republicans on this issue of the debt limit. They’re gonna take it to the cliff, and pull back at the last minute. But the consequences of that are very dangerous. And at the same time, it really is time in this country to deal seriously with entitlements. But we’re not going to do it before the election." Do you agree? read more

Twitpic shows damage in Springfield, Mass.

06/02/11 10:14AM

At least 4 people were killed and dozens of others injured after violent tornadoes tore through western and central Massachusetts Wednesday. Twitter user Josh Ask (@JCKlass) sent this picture to the Morning Joe Twitter account. read more

Bricks and debris that fell from a building lay on top of cars after a report of a tornado in Springfield, Mass., Wednesday, June 1, 2011. An apparent tornado struck downtown Springfield, one of Massachusetts' largest cities, scattering debris,...

Top Talker: Severe weather woes

06/02/11 10:01AM

The Governor of Massachusetts has declared a state of emergency after deadly tornadoes roared through about two dozen communities in the state yesterday. At least 4 people were killed and dozens of others injured in the violent twisters. 55,000 homes are now reportedly without power. Governor Deval Patrick has also called up 1,000 national guardsmen for help, and FEMA officials are set to review the storm damage today.In an update on another devastating tornado, the list of people missing in Joplin, Missouri is now officially down to 0. read more