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Starbucks introduces profit sharing stores...

Starbucks introduces profit sharing stores in NYC, LA

10/03/11 08:00PM

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz joins Morning Joe to discuss the opening of two new profit sharing stores in the Crenshaw neighborhood of Los Angeles and in Harlem. The stores will share profits with Harlem’s Abyssinian Development Corporation and the Los... watch

Must Read Op-Eds for October 3, 2011

10/03/11 09:49AM

THE ROUND AND THE OVAL  BY FRANK BRUNINEW YORK TIMESLet’s talk about discipline. It’s not an attribute that carries through in a consistent, coherent fashion to all facets of a person’s life; disciplined or undisciplined behavior on one front doesn’t augur identical behavior on others. Someone can be a flawless steward of his or her physique and a wanton lunatic in all else. Ever been to Hollywood?The thinness that I managed in college didn’t reflect laudable self-control. It reflected bulimia and laxatives. My borderline obesity in my mid-30s wasn’t a sign of indolence and drift. read more

Republican presidential candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry reacts after taking a bite of chili during a campaign stop a the Chili Festival Saturday, Oct. 1, 2011, in Manchester, N.H.

Top Talker: Texas Governor Rick Perry Under Fire for Racial Epithet at Family Retreat

10/03/11 09:21AM

Texas Governor Rick Perry’s campaign is on the defensive over a report in The Washington Post about his family’s old hunting camp, which had a racially-charged name. The report says the racial epithet was visible on a rock at the entrance of the camp as recently as 3 years ago. However, Perry’s campaign maintains that the name was changed soon after Perry’s father leased the property almost 30 years ago. read more

Morning Headlines: Monday, October 3rd

10/03/11 05:55AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Perry works in New Hampshire to regain ground'I have not killed,' tearful Amanda Knox tells juryWall Street protesters enter 3rd weekPolice corral, arrest protesters on Brooklyn BridgeKoch Brothers flout law with secret Iran salesCain wins GOP women straw pollAndy Rooney says goodbye | And don't expect autographsUMass-Lowell/Herald poll: Elizabeth Warren, Scott Brown in dead heatDenmark introduces a 'fat tax'"Arrested Development" is returning read more

Should Perry camp name disqualify him from...

Should Perry camp name disqualify him from race?

10/02/11 08:00PM

Top Talkers: The Washington Post reports that Rick Perry's family owns a West Texas hunting camp known by a racially insensitive name. If true, should that disqualify Perry's shot at the presidency? The Morning Joe panel – including the Council on... watch

Cain takes home GOP women straw poll win

Cain takes home GOP women straw poll win

10/02/11 08:00PM

Must Read Op-Eds: Herman Cain took home another straw poll win recently when he topped the National Federation of Republican Women with 48.9 percent of the vote. Former chair of the S.C. Republican Party, Karen Floyd, talks about why she thinks Cain is... watch

Are we days away from a Christie...

Are we days away from a Christie announcement?

10/02/11 08:00PM

Top Talkers: The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., could announce his run for the presidency in just a matter of days. Will he finally enter the race or will he decide to sit it out? The panel discusses. watch

Book remembers 'shot heard round the world'

Book remembers 'shot heard round the world'

10/02/11 08:00PM

Today marks the 60th anniversary of what is commonly referred to in baseball as "the shot heard round the world." On October 3, 1951, pitcher Ralph Branca gave up a home run in the bottom of the ninth inning to Bobby Thompson. Branca joins Morning Joe... watch