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Michele Bachmann Newsweek cover gets the folks talkin'

Michele Bachmann Newsweek cover gets the folks talkin'

08/09/11 02:28PM

The FirstRead blog is reporting that Michele Bachmann's campaign isn't interested in having a conversation about the Newsweek cover baring her visage and those, umm, big eyes.First Read writes:The campaign says Bachmann is focused on the Ames Straw Poll, and with meeting the voters of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.And Yahoo's Cutline blog is reporting that conservative pundits have been quick to respond:"Under the editorial control of Tina Brown, the rice paper magazine barely struggles against its bias towards conservative women to view them with anything other than contempt," Dan read more

NYT columnist: Mistake to put debt ahead of jobs, economy

08/09/11 01:51PM

Joe Nocera, The New York Times: “We have a deficit problem; we have a debt problem. There’s no question about that. But we also have a jobs problem and an economy problem. To put the debt problem ahead of the jobs problem – which is what we’ve done -- and ahead of the economy is to basically say that we don’t care about economic growth. We don’t care if we bring the economy back. We don’t care about where the jobs are going to come from." read more

Must Read Op-Eds for August 9, 2011

08/09/11 09:54AM

THE AMERICAN DREAM HANGS IN THE BALANCE  BY JOE SCARBOROUGHPOLITICOI spent this past weekend driving through neighborhoods much like the type my parents took me through on Sunday mornings so long ago. But the large homes with driveways filled with Mercedes and BMWs seemed like relics from a different age — much like the $1,500 shoes that The New York Times recently reported were flying off the shelves of certain Manhattan boutiques. read more

Morning Headlines: Tuesday, August 9th

08/09/11 05:59AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Tumult in global markets continuesWhat..if anything...will stop the drop?Obama calls for political will to deal with economic challengesHow the downgrade will shape the 2012 raceGold surges to $1,700 per ounceAccording to a new CNN poll, economic pessimism skyrocketsBritish rioting spreads to other citiesPalin weighs in on the downgradeRick Perry will visit New HampshireNew York maid hits Strauss-Kahn with civil lawsuit read more