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Wes Moore on being a new father

08/16/11 02:12PM

U.S. Army veteran Wes Moore talks with Morning Joe’s Louis Burgdorf about the joys of being a new dad, why he likes being on Morning Joe, and what book he recommends. read more

Nicolle Wallace: Perry the 'ice cold glass of water' GOP needed

08/16/11 01:52PM

Nicolle Wallace, author: “I have to say, Rick Perry is like that tall, ice cold glass of water we were crawling through the sand, ready to reach for. Republicans are thrilled to see him in the race. Republicans who may not have been the kind of voters that would respond to his popularity with evangelicals are thrilled to see him answer all the questions. With Tim Pawlenty…you wanted to shake him and say ‘You’re in third place; just answer the questions.’ Rick Perry has something to say. Rick Perry has a record to run on.” read more

President Barack Obama arrives to speak during a town hall meeting, Monday, Aug. 15, 2011, at the Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, Iowa, during his three-day economic bus tour.

Top Talker: On the road again...

08/16/11 10:10AM

As Republican presidential candidates ramp up their campaigns across the country, President Obama is also breaking out his tour bus, cruising the Midwest and talking to voters in Minnesota and in Iowa. The Obama administration insists it's not a campaign trip, but the President is spending three days on a bus tour that includes town halls and speeches. read more

Must Read Op-Eds for Tuesday August 16, 2011

08/16/11 08:09AM

THE TEXAS GIPPER  BY RICHARD COHENWASHINGTON POSTWatching the emergence of Rick Perry over the weekend was instructively nostalgic. Here again was a governor declaring for the presidency and some very wise people cautioning us on the air and in print that what worked in Texas might not work in the nation. Perry is too conservative, too much a cowboy, too religious and, while we’re at it, too handsome. This, more or less, was what was said about Ronald Reagan. He’s nearly on Mount Rushmore... The White House now has plenty to worry about. Of course, Perry may turn out to be no Ronald Reagan. read more