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Stephen Colbert makes his entrance at the Mills House

Stephen Colbert makes his entrance at the Mills House

01/20/12 09:19AM

Stephen Colbert makes his entrance at the Mills House in Charleston, S.C.On the show this morning, Colbert explained his exploratory committee to run for the United States of South Carolina and his recent team up with former GOP hopeful, Herman Cain. And though Colbert tops a national Public Policy Polling on favorable opinion, he said Cain has... read more

Morning Headlines: Friday, January 20

01/20/12 05:43AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Romney, Gingrich in spirited debate battle ahead of SC primaryGingrich denies 'open marriage' allegationCheck out the Post and Courier's coverage of the debateTax returns show Gingrich is among the wealthiestRomney’s challengers... read more

Clyburn: CNN debate good for Dems, better...

Clyburn: CNN debate good for Dems, better for Gingrich

01/19/12 07:00PM

While Republicans are facing ‘an identity crisis’ with the presidential candidate field, their debate performances have President Obama singing, literally. Assistant Minority Leader, Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., weighs in on the 2012 prospects for... watch

Romney's finances, comments paint him as 'out of touch'

01/19/12 12:04PM

 The Morning Joe panel discussed  Mitt Romney's wealth, finances and unreleased tax returns, and how he is currently being perceived in the race. John Heilemann: "People don't begrudge Mitt Romney his wealth, but the most damaging thing from yesterday is the very cavalier way Romney talked about his $374,328 speaking income as... read more

Must Read Op-Eds for Thursday, January 19, 2012

01/19/12 10:18AM

THE 1% AND THAT 15%EDITORIALNEW YORK TIMESMr. Romney is clearly hoping that by drawing this process want someone who understands how the next 10 years can produce an American economy that offers the opportunities for them that the 1980s produced for Mitt Romney.GOP SHOULD HEED RON PAULBY MICHAEL TANNERNATIONAL REVIEWWhat... can Republicans do... read more

Morning Joe live in Charleston

Morning Joe is live in Charleston

01/19/12 07:01AM

Morning Joe is live today and tomorrow at the Mills House in Charleston, South Carolina. We'll be updating our blog and our Flickr page with tons and tons of pictures, so make sure to check us out for all kinds of fun pictures from the road. read more

Morning Headlines: Thursday, January 16

01/19/12 05:36AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?NBC poll: Gingrich gains ground on Romney in SCNewt campaign gets bigger SC crowdsRomney parks millions in Cayman IslandsABC insider: Marianne Gingrich interview likely to air before primary; Gingrich daughters respondObama campaign releases 2012... read more

Is Romney running a 'sloppy' campaign?

Is Romney running a 'sloppy' campaign?

01/18/12 07:00PM

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is leading the polls in South Carolina, but his rankings as a "true conservative" have him lagging behind his opponents. The Morning Joe panel discusses the missteps within Romney's campaign in failing to out-run... watch

Obama rejects Keystone pipeline proposal

Obama rejects Keystone pipeline proposal

01/18/12 07:00PM

President Barack Obama rejected the Keystone pipeline proposed to run through the heart of the nation, asking for more time to evaluate the plan. Republicans and even members of Obama’s Democratic party are lashing out, with House Speaker Rep. John... watch


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