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Is the CIA running secret prisons in Somalia?

07/19/11 11:45AM

Jeremy Scahill, The Nation: "We should say first of all President Obama campaigned on a promise to go up against these Bush-era policies declaring war on the world, running secret sites, torturing prisoners. What I found in my nine days in Mogadishu, is the CIA is deeply involved in an underground dungeon that is officially run by the Somali National Security Agency, but their salaries are paid by the CIA directly. In fact, one Somali agent described how the Somalis are lined up and paid $200 a month in cash by U.S. agents, and the U.S. read more

 Rupert Murdoch is driven down Whitehall in Westminster, London, ahead of his and his son James' appearance before MPs at Portcullis House to face their intensely-awaited grilling on the News of the World phone-hacking scandal. July 19, 2011.

Top Talker: Rubert Murdoch and son testify in front of Parliament today

07/19/11 09:37AM

 There are new developments surrounding the scandal threatening Rupert Murdoch’s media empire as the mogul and his son appear before Parliament today. Police have arrested 11 people since the hacking and bribery allegations emerged, including the former CEO of Murdoch’s News International Group, Rebekah Brooks who also heads to parliament today.   U.K. read more

Must Read Op-Eds for July 19, 2011

07/19/11 09:31AM

Here are today's must read opinion and editorial columns.THE REAL DEAL ON THE DEBT DEBATE  BY JOE SCARBOROUGHPOLITICOI consistently ranked as one of the most fiscally conservative members of Congress over my four terms and never voted for a tax increase. And I wouldn’t vote for one today. But I learned through the years that politics is the art of the possible... Considering the challenges facing America this century, any Republican who squanders the chance to cut $4 trillion from our debt in exchange for $1 trillion in tax loopholes is no conservative in my book. read more

Morning headlines: Tuesday, July 19

07/19/11 05:56AM

Here's a look at stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Rupert Murdoch to face questioning todayMurdoch news sites defaced, brought down by hackersThe House is set to vote today on a GOP-backed debt plan......and the president threatens to veto itAtlantis makes final departure from space stationEgypt sets time frame for electionsMidwest heat wave expected to persist this weekA new Gallup poll shows U.S. approval of parties in Congress is 'low but steady'Elizabeth Warren ponders run for SenateDon't text and walk in Philly -- or else read more

Barnicle to Congress: Do something for US before you do something for your political party

07/18/11 11:56AM

Mike Barnicle to Pat Buchanan on debt ceiling: "Hey Pat. You know what's interesting? If you walk around, go do your grocery shopping on weekends and get gas in your car, and you listen to what’s out there. You listen to people. This is all pretty simple. They're making it much more difficult and incomprehensible in Washington than it has to be. And it comes down to this: People wanna know about our elected officials in the House and the Senate. read more

Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks at the Stafford Hotel, London, Britain -  July 10, 2011

Top Talker: Empire Under Fire

07/18/11 09:49AM

 There is new fall-out from the phone hacking and bribery scandal that has already brought down one of Britain's largest newspapers. Former News International CEO Rebekah Brooks, one of Rupert Murdoch's most trusted executives   was just released on bail after reportedly facing 12 hours on questioning at a London police station.   Brooks had been heading the British arm of Murdoch's News Corp. media division when she stepped down last Friday.  A spokesperson says Brooks turned herself in and is cooperating with police   but continues to deny any wrongdoing. read more