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Westminster winner Malachy stops by...

Westminster winner Malachy stops by Morning Joe

02/14/12 07:00PM

On Tuesday, a dog named Malachy became the fourth Pekingese since 1960 to win the Best in Show prize at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Malachy as well as his owner David Fitzpatrick and the Westminster Kennel Club's David Frei join Morning Joe... watch

Picking a third party candidate via the...

Picking a third party candidate via the Internet

02/14/12 07:00PM

Retired Adm. Dennis Blair is on the board of directors for Americans Elect, a nonprofit organization aimed at nominating a presidential ticket that answers to voters not the political system. Blair joins Morning Joe to discuss picking a third party... watch

Will Santorum's stance on social issues...

Will Santorum's stance on social issues scare Americans?

02/14/12 07:00PM

Top Talkers: 2012 candidate Rick Santorum continues to rise in popularity, but the Rev. Al Sharpton wonders if eventually Santorum's views on social issues will scare Americans. Joe Scarborough is quick to mention the country still remains conservative... watch

As Santorum surges, pro-Romney superPAC...

As Santorum surges, pro-Romney superPAC attacks

02/14/12 07:00PM

Top Talkers: A new poll shows the president tops the GOP candidates in a general election match-up while other new polls Rick Santorum's profile within the GOP field continues to rise. How is Mitt Romney's campaign responding? The Morning Joe panel –... watch

The time Rick Santorum reminded me of the "London Calling" video

The time Rick Santorum reminded me of the "London Calling" video

02/14/12 02:25PM

What's in a lighting scheme anyway?Last night during a campaign rally in Tacoma, Rick Santorum stumbled into some pretty interesting lighting, and Willie pointed out it looked like the producers of the "Blair Witch Project" did the lighting for the rally.I can see that, but I'm gonna go one beyond and say that for my money,... read more

Send your sweetie some political commentary with a GOP Valentine

Send your sweetie some political commentary with a GOP Valentine

02/14/12 10:30AM

Via BashirLooking to send that special someone a Happy Valentine's e-card today? Are you looking to maybe send that same Happy Valentine's e-card with, well, some biting political commentary as well?Well, Reince and the RNC have you covered today. They've got a whole site set up so you can send a GOP-themed Valentine's card... read more

Must-Read Op-Eds for Tuesday, February 14, 2012

02/14/12 08:55AM

THE DO-OVER DERBYBY FRANKS BRUNINEW YORK TIMESGiven all of Santorum's regressive bluster, why should he suddenly evince alarm over seeming to be out of touch with the aspirations, emotions and rights of women? What's changed? The polls, for one: two new Michigan surveys show him ahead of Mitt Romney there. And his tally of victories... read more

An excerpt from Tim Weiner's book "Enemies: A History of the FBI"

An excerpt from Tim Weiner's book "Enemies: A History of the FBI"

02/14/12 07:31AM

“IF WE DON’T DO THIS, PEOPLE WILL DIE”On the day after Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt gave J. Edgar Hoover the power to monitor all telecommunications traffic in and out of the United States. Three weeks after 9/11, President Bush handedRobert Mueller an authority almost as strong. For twenty- nine months following Bush’s order, the FBI had... read more

Morning Headlines: Tuesday, Feb. 14

02/14/12 05:46AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Obama plan: Debt will be $1 trillion higher in a decade than forecastThe WSJ's take on the president's budgetGOP relents on payroll tax, averting fightSantorum supporters tell Occupy protesters at rally: 'Get a job'NJ senate... read more


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