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Will the 'cheesy grits' strategy pay off...

Will the 'cheesy grits' strategy pay off for Romney?

03/12/12 08:00PM

Top Talkers: The GOP '12 candidates push into Alabama and Mississippi on Tuesday for the states' primaries, but Mitt Romney has lost the South Carolina, Georgia and Tenn. primaries. Will his strategy of attempts at appealing to Southern voters pay off? watch

An African Cinderella story

An African Cinderella story

03/12/12 08:00PM

U.S. born citizen Peggielene Bartels, co-author of “King Peggy,” explains how she went from being a secretary to the King of the town of Tantum in Ghana. watch

Love letters between Nixon and his wife go...

Love letters between Nixon and his wife go on display

03/12/12 08:00PM

Former First Lady Pat Nixon's 100th birthday would have been Friday, March 16, and the Nixon Presidential Library and Museum is honoring the occasion with a new display of personal letters written between Richard Nixon and his wife. NBC's Mike Taibbi... watch

How Teddy Roosevelt failed at cleaning up NYC

How Teddy Roosevelt failed at cleaning up NYC

03/12/12 08:00PM

Author Richard Zacks joins Morning Joe to discuss his new book "Island of Vice," which looks at how in the 1890s, former president and then-New York City police commissioner, Theodore Roosevelt, tried to clean up Manhattan and ultimately failed. watch

Image still from Chairlift's new choose-your-own-adventure style video

Next-level Chairlift music video lets you choose your own adventure

03/12/12 02:43PM

I meant to post this last week, but alas, time got the better of me.You know that band, Chairlift, right? Well, you do; you may just not have realized you do.Anyway, they've got this great new video for their song "Met Before," which is a gauzy facsimile of '80s dance music.The video is the visual equivalent of a Choose Your... read more

Must-Read Op-Eds for Monday, March 12, 2012

03/12/12 10:40AM

MITT'S RICH PREDICAMENTBY FRANK BRUNINEW YORK TIMESvery discussion of Romney’s campaign, no matter the angle, winds up referring to riches. It’s uncanny. Wealth is the Go on the Monopoly board of Mitt: you’re either starting there, heading there or circling past it. If only you collected $200 each time. His detractors, citing his personal... read more

An excerpt from Jonathan Haidt's book "The Righteous Mind"

An excerpt from Jonathan Haidt's book "The Righteous Mind"

03/12/12 08:50AM

Introduction“Can we all get along?” That appeal was made famous on May 1, 1992, by Rodney King, a black man who had been beaten nearly to death by four Los Angeles police officers a year earlier. The entire nation had seen a videotape of the beating, so when a jury failed to convict the officers, their acquittal triggered widespread outrage and... read more

Morning Headlines: Monday, March 10

03/12/12 05:54AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Taliban vows 'revenge' after US soldier kills 16 Afghan civiliansNine children among the deadAs gasoline prices rise, Obama’s ratings fallGOP candidates struggle to connect with conservative Southern votersTop Gingrich aide: Newt has not... read more

How speculation plays a role in high gas...

How speculation plays a role in high gas prices

03/11/12 08:00PM

The U.S. created over 200,000 jobs in February, and on Friday, the House passed a jobs bill aimed at helping start-up companies.  Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, joins Morning Joe to discuss jobs creation, unions, the 2012 elections, and how speculation... watch


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