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E.g., 7/30/2014

Ezra Klein: We need at least 120,000 jobs created

08/05/11 02:32PM

Ezra Klein, The Washington Post, just before the release of the July jobs report: “If it’s 75 or 90,000, it means we’re exactly where we expected. Remember, we need about 120,000 to keep up with population. So if you get less than 120K, forget digging out of where we’re going, we’re actually backsliding. So unless we’re beginning to see numbers like 200K, 300K, even 400K up on the board, we’re not recovering yet. And if we’re not recovering yet, then at some point the White House and Congress need to admit that we have gotten this wrong.” read more

Morning Headlines: Friday, August 5th

08/05/11 05:50AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Stock prices plunge on 'general fear' | The WSJ says it's not time to panicThe Times thinks it may be time to say a double dip may be happeningNYT: Record 82 percent disapproval rate for CongressCompromise reached to end FAA shutdown, temporarilyWater on Mars?Polygamist leader guilty in child-rape case Gadhafi's son reportedly killed in Libya strikeDeath toll rises in SyriaTiger returnsMr. Bean gets into a car accident -- in his million dollar carPaul McCartney was also hacked? read more

Band plays at D.C.'s Fort Reno park

Washington City Paper immortalizes legendary park and music venue

08/04/11 02:08PM

Taking a few minutes out of today's bad economic news, FAA news, and scary campus news to share this with you.Summer is a season for outdoor events, and some of us here on the Mo' Joe blog are fans of outdoor events.The Washington City Paper undertook the mammoth task of creating an oral history of D.C.'s Fort Reno Park in Tenleytown.Specifically, the paper interviewed a whole lotta musicians and music fanatics about a long-standing outdoor concert series that stretches all the way back to the summer of 1968.And it's as thorough as it should be.As a music town, D.C. has a very proud history. read more

Rachel Weisz talks extraordinary circumstances of 'The Whistleblower'

08/04/11 10:46AM

In her new film, The Whistleblower, Rachel Weisz plays the smart, tough, and compassionate Kathy Bolkovac -- a former Nebraska cop who takes on the U.N. when she see atrocities against women as a peacekeeper in post-war Bosnia. In the film Weisz's character is the woman who acted when others wouldn't. In a key scene she finds out her peers are engaging in human trafficking of women and girls. She goes on to confront the men, eventually forcing them out of their jobs in Bosnia. I sat down with Rachel before the film was released. read more