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Must Read Op-Eds for Monday, January 9, 2012

01/09/12 10:53AM

JUST THE TICKETBY BILL KELLERNEW YORK TIMESA political scientist I know proposes the following choreography: In the late winter or early spring, Hillary steps down as secretary of state to rest and write that book. The president assigns Biden — the former chairman of Senate Foreign Relations — to add State to his portfolio, making him the most powerful vice president in history. Come the party convention in September, Obama swallows his considerable pride and invites a refreshed Hillary to join the ticket. Biden keeps State. read more

Van Halen plays gig at tiny Manhattan club, and you didn't see it

01/06/12 12:19PM

 Let's take a break from Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and let's talk about New York for just a few seconds.Last night, Van Halen...yes Van Halen...played a gig at a very tiny club in the Village. And David Lee Roth was on vocals. Yes, he's back in the band. Only 250 people were there. Watch the video above. That's what it looked and sounded like.Over the years, Van Halen had David Lee Roth, lost him, picked up some other singers, and then got DLR back. read more

Roemer: GOP candidates bought and sold by special interests

01/06/12 10:50AM

Buddy Roemer, fmr. gov., R-La., and current GOP '12 candidate: “You know what is amazing to me? As the only man running who’s been a congressman and a governor – with a darn good record at both – I have not been asked to be on a single debate. Could it be that they don’t want to hear about the money? I mean, Mitt Romney takes million-dollar checks under the table. Even Rick Santorum, who’s a decent guy, formed a superPAC. They’re all in it together. There’s not a bit of difference among them. They’re bought and sold by the special interests.” read more