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E.g., 11/29/2014

Must-Read Op-Eds for Thursday, March 29, 2012

03/29/12 11:09AM

OBAMACARE IS NOT A CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUEBY KATHLEEN PARKERWASHINGTON POSTAs a selfish human being, I want everyone to buy insurance. I also want nearly everyone to drop 20 pounds, exercise 45 minutes a day, abstain from drugs and cigarettes, drink no more than five ounces of red wine daily, get eight hours of sleep, eat a diet of mostly grains and vegetables, and avoid all sugars. This would do more to improve health and reduce the need for medical care than anything else on the planet. Shouldn’t we start there? read more

Gabba Gabba Hey: Morning Joe pays tribute to the Ramones

Gabba Gabba Hey: Morning Joe pays tribute to the Ramones

03/29/12 10:40AM

Linda Ramone, widow of legendary Ramones guitarist Johnny Ramone, and Tommy Ramone, original drummer of NYC punk icons, the Ramones, share details from the new book, "Commando: The Autobiography of Johnny Ramone" as well as discuss the history of the band and their place in the rock canon.And, if you live in the New York metro area, you can catch Tommy and Linda as well as John Cafiero at Barnes and Noble in Tribeca this Friday. Details on the flyer below.Related: The Ramone manifesto read more

Fmr. senator pens eco-thriller on oil...

Fmr. senator pens eco-thriller on oil consumption

03/28/12 08:00PM

Fmr. Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., joins Morning Joe to discuss "Blowout," the novel he co-authored with David Hagberg. The novel deals with oil consumption and top-secret coal research in North Dakota. The Morning Joe panel uses the novel as a... watch

Time exposes the truth about oil in latest...

Time exposes the truth about oil in latest issue

03/28/12 08:00PM

Time's Rick Stengel joins Morning Joe to reveal the magazine's latest issue, which focuses on oil production and the price of oil. The latest issue also discusses President Obama's vulnerabilities, Travyon Martin's killing, and education. watch