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Morning Headlines: Monday, Feb. 27

02/27/12 05:47AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?NYT: Outrage over Quran burnings complicates US pullout'The Artist' takes home best picture at OscarsBattleground Poll: As GOP race takes toll, Obama inches upRick Santorum will join Mitt Romney in having Secret Service protection.WikiLeaks publishes intelligence firm's emailsMitt Romney: My friends own NASCAR teamsPlot to kill PM Vladimir Putin foiled, pro-government TV channel reports read more

Joe drops by Letterman on Thursday, February 23, 2012

Joe drops by Letterman last night

02/24/12 03:11PM

Last night Joe dropped by David Letterman to talk about the 2012 GOP presidential field, his time in Congress, and...Cher.We can't seem to embed the link, but you can check it out HERE.Joe's interview starts at around the 29-minute mark. read more

Must-Read Op-Eds for Friday, February 24, 2012

02/24/12 06:48AM

DELUSIONS ABOUT THE DETROIT BAILOUTBY STEVE RATTNERNEW YORK TIMES, G.M. and Chrysler have markedly exceeded our expectations. Just a few days ago, G.M. reported an annual profit of $7.6 billion, and Chrysler is in the black as well. Both companies have increased their sales sharply, in part by making appealing new models. And they are hiring new workers for the first time in many years. ... All of this was accomplished at relatively low cost; taxpayers will receive back the vast preponderance of the $82 billion that was invested. “I’d do it again,” Mr. read more

An excerpt from Lawrence Lessig's new e-book "One Way Forward"

An excerpt from Lawrence Lessig's new e-book "One Way Forward"

02/24/12 06:21AM

Spring comes in waves. At first, unrecognizably. And then, unavoidably. And when it finally fully comes, we wake up.We, the People. The sovereign. We tumble out of the stupor that is our sleep and exercise a power that is ours exclusively. We might exercise it well. Many think we would exercise it poorly. So when its first hint becomes clear, we should take steps to assure that we will exercise it as well as we can.The first step is to name it, this, our power. For it is different from the ordinary power that gets fought over in the context of ordinary politics. read more

An excerpt from Jay Wilkinson's new book "Dear Jay, Love Dad: Bud Wilkinson's Letters to His Son"

An excerpt from Jay Wilkinson's new book "Dear Jay, Love Dad: Bud Wilkinson's Letters to His Son"

02/24/12 06:16AM

Entering the UnknownSeptember, 1960Dear Jay,It was good to talk to you—I know things will get better because you are the kind of person who can adjust and find the good in all situations.When I read your letter, I recalled vividly many similar times in my life. When I left home to go to Shattuck, I was truly blue. Yet I know now how fine a thing it was for me and my future. The training I received has made my life good. When I left you, Pat, and Mother to go to sea during the war, I was really shaken. read more