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On the verge of another financial crisis

07/23/12 10:12AM

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down over 200 points at this hour. Morning Joe Economic Analyst and former US Treasury official Steve Rattner says things could get worse for our economy, before they get better.Rattner says we are on the verge of another Euro crisis."The most recent bail out — that of Spain — is not working because the... read more

The Cooler: Snooki, Newt and mashed-potato Slurpees

07/19/12 02:03PM

By: Molly MitchellMashed potatoes, it's time to meet your master!We've gotten word that this culinary big foot is apparently real: An honest-to-goodness, 7-Eleven mashed potato vending machine DOES in fact exist in the world.And Willie discussed it this morning with great relish.The only catch is that this awesome machine is not yet... read more

Must-Read Op-Eds for Thursday, July 19, 2012

07/19/12 12:06PM

TERRY MCAULIFFE AND THE OTHER GREEN PARTYBY MARK LEIBOVICHNEW YORK TIMESOne quaint maxim of the Political Class is that there is no such thing as Democrats and Republicans in Washington, only the Green Party. Green as in money, not GreenTech, or anything having to do with clean energy. read more

John McCain joins Morning Joe this Friday

John McCain joins Morning Joe this Friday

07/19/12 11:35AM

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) is set to join the round table on Friday morning in his first interview with the MJ crew since the 2008 campaign. We'll hear his thoughts on President Obama's handling of Syria, the Middle East, and the economy. We'll also get his take on the Romney campaign.  read more

Salsa-dancing Giants champion Cruz on his battles with adversity

07/19/12 11:19AM

By Cathy FinklerWhen Victor Cruz was 20, he was an unknown, working at a retail outlet in the sprawling Garden State Plaza mall in northern New Jersey.Five years later, the New York Giants wide receiver is known virtually everywhere:  he's salsa danced his way through end zones and he's helped his team on their way to a Super Bowl... read more

Morning Headlines: Thursday, July 19

07/19/12 05:50AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Obama, Romney in dead heat in presidential raceZimmerman: 'I'm Not A Murderer'W.H. inaction doesn't win gun enthusiastsScalia says no 'falling out' with RobertsNo sign of Assad after bomb kills kin, battles rageJudge... read more

What if Lincoln survived?

What if Lincoln survived?

07/18/12 08:00PM

Prof. Stephen Carter shares details from his new book, “The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln,” which presents an alternate history of the president’s life. watch