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The article all my girlfriends are talking about

06/25/12 10:12AM

I first saw this article from The Atlantic, "Why Women still Can't Have It All," in my Facebook news stream, posted by a girlfriend in her mid-30s. Then another friend texted it to me, and I forwarded it to another girlfriend (and my husband). The cover story has been recommended on Facebook more than 125,000 times (if you multiply that by the average user's number of friends - 245 - you get a rough impressions figure of 30.6 million). read more

Must-Read Op-Eds for Monday, June 25, 2012

06/25/12 06:11AM

WHAT SHELDON ADELSON WANTSEDITORIALNEW YORK TIMES is the perfect illustration of the squalid state of political money, spending sums greater than any political donation in history to advance his personal, ideological and financial agenda, which is wildly at odds with the nation’s needs. Mr. Adelson spent $20 million to prop up Newt Gingrich’s failed candidacy for the Republican nomination. Now, he has given $10 million to a Mitt Romney super PAC, and has pledged at least $10 million to Crossroads GPS, the advocacy group founded by Karl Rove that is running attack ads against Mr. read more

Morning Headlines: Monday, June 25

06/25/12 05:53AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Challenges multiply for Egypt's new Islamist presidentWhite House, GOP, industry brace for health care rulingTropical Storm Debby turns sights on Fla., Ala.Toll from Colorado wildfire grows to 248 homesMarchers fill streets for gay pride paradesLawmakers moved financial holdings amid high-level talks during crisisCourt rulings will close a tough term for ObamaLast-Of-His-Kind Tortoise Dies At 100Issa Says There's No Proof White House Was Involved In Fast And Furious read more