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E.g., 8/2/2015
Privacy debate revived after Fla. bomb plot

Privacy debate revived after Fla. bomb plot

07/29/15 07:27AM

FBI officials say they thwarted another attack by an ISIS sympathizer, this time in Key West, Florida. 23-year-old Harlem Suarez is now facing life in prison for allegedly planning to detonate a backpack bomb filled with nails. The Morning Joe panel... watch

MJ panel: Is Trump Daily Beast story fair...

MJ panel: Is Trump Daily Beast story fair game?

07/29/15 06:38AM

Donald Trump's lawyer is apologizing for comments he made about spousal rape in a new Daily Beast report. The website dug up an incident dating back to the '80s, when Ivana Trump used the word 'rape' to describe what she said at the time was a violent... watch

Are humans underrated?

Are humans underrated?

07/28/15 08:33AM

Leigh Gallagher shares a look inside the latest issue of Fortune Magazine, which asks whether humans are underrated. Gallagher also talks about the advantages humans still have over technology. watch

Tales from a bike ride across Iowa

Tales from a bike ride across Iowa

07/28/15 07:45AM

Inside Story's Ray Suarez talks about his 500 mile bike ride across the state of Iowa. He said the trip allowed him to cover the state at a leisurely pace and meet, talk to people from all over the country particularly about the 2016 race. watch

Manchin: Iran nuclear deal not perfect

Manchin: Iran nuclear deal not perfect

07/28/15 07:33AM

Sen. Joe Manchin comments on the Iran nuclear deal, saying it's not perfect but do "we go at it alone" or with the help of our allies. Manchin also says its important for Congress to know whether there were other options for a better deal on the table. watch

A double standard for Huckabee?

A double standard for Huckabee?

07/28/15 07:21AM

Mika Brzezinski questions whether the Republicans are hypocritical for not going after Mike Huckabee about his comments on the Iranian deal like they went after Donald Trump over his comments on Sen. John McCain. watch

Today's Must Read Op-Ed: July 28, 2015

07/28/15 06:50AM

Mark Leibovich asks in The New York Times Magazine: Should We Fear the Political ‘Crazies’? He writes: You could argue that these are crazy times and there are thus worse things to be called than a ''crazy.'' The affiliation suggests an admirable passion and less risk-aversion, a willingness to disrupt.  ... [A]s Trump is... read more


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