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E.g., 11/27/2014
MoJoe ToGo: November 5

MoJoe ToGo: November 5

11/05/14 11:53AM

If you missed Morning Joe this morning, you missed Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and the panel talk about the day's big political news. But don't worry, we've got you covered with this handy re-cap of the day's highlights and quotable moments. watch

Still time for Obama to get things done

Still time for Obama to get things done

11/05/14 08:23AM

Bill and Hillary Clinton helped campaign for Democratic candidates during the midterms, but it appears they had less of an impact than they'd hoped. And there's still time for the president to get things done in D.C. Andrea Mitchell and Steve Schmidt... watch

Priebus: GOP 80 percent done, 80 percent...

Priebus: GOP 80 percent done, 80 percent to go

11/05/14 07:33AM

RNC Chair Reince Priebus joins Morning Joe to discuss the 2014 win for Republicans; why he wants the GOP to be a year-round party and why he says the party needs to "double down" on getting the message out to African-American and Latino communities. watch

An excerpt from Martin Short's "I Must Say"

11/04/14 02:00PM

It’s May 1977, and I am having an argument with the woman who will become my wife. We’re not arguing about anything serious—Nancy and I rarely do. But I’ve been behaving rudely, or so Nancy thinks (though I think it’s the other way around), and the tension is real.“Why do you have to start suddenly screaming?” she asks.“I’m not remotely screaming. read more