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McConnell: Time for Trump to ‘get on script’

McConnell: Time for Trump to ‘get on script’

06/08/16 07:10AM

Joe Scarborough and Willie Geist discuss Mitch McConnell’s suggestion that Donald Trump “get on script.” Geist elaborates that the bedrock of his campaign is based on an off-script, apolitical strategy, and that Trump is unlikely to stray from that model. watch

Trump to refocus on attacking Clintons

Trump to refocus campaign on attacking Clintons

06/08/16 06:38AM

In a speech Tuesday night, Donald Trump renewed his attacks on Bill and Hillary Clinton, slamming them for their “politics of personal enrichment.” Similarly, a super PAC supporting Trump is spending more than $1 million on a new ad that ties Hillary Clinton’s evasions about her email server to Bill Clinton’s 1998 denial of the Monica Lewinsky... watch

Joe to GOP: ‘Stop running scared’

Joe to GOP: ‘Stop running scared’

06/08/16 06:22AM

Joe Scarborough explains that Republicans aren’t simply faced with a binary choice of supporting or opposing Donald Trump--there is a third choice of calling him out and standing up to his controversial statements. He also demands that Trump not use Hillary Clinton as an excuse for Republicans to follow his agenda. watch

Ryan backs Trump despite 'racist' remarks

Ryan still backs Trump despite 'racist' remarks

06/08/16 06:11AM

House Speaker Paul Ryan is one of many Republicans trying to walk the tight-rope of supporting Donald Trump’s candidacy while denouncing his statements. Joe Scarborough explains his surprise that Ryan would still support a candidate that is guilty of “textbook racism.” watch

Sen. Corker reacts to Trump comments on judge

Sen. Corker reacts to Trump comments on judge

06/07/16 08:33AM

Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) offers reaction to Donald Trump’s verbal attacks on the judge presiding over the Trump University lawsuit. He also explains how the presumptive nominee has a chance to change the trajectory of the nation, adding that Hillary Clin... watch

‘VEEP’ star brings campaign to real life

‘VEEP’ star brings campaign to real life

06/07/16 07:54AM

New Hampshire’s own Jonah Ryan, one of the most loathed characters in the hit HBO series “VEEP,” has brought his fictional run for Congress to real life. Mika Brzezinski and Kasie Hunt joke about his full page ad in a local paper and a cringeworthy TV ad. watch

Who’s left from the GOP to support Trump?

Who’s left from the GOP to support Trump?

06/07/16 07:43AM

Steve Kornacki and Kasie Hunt discuss whether Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio will eventually endorse Donald Trump. Steve Schmidt comments on a ‘clear dividing line’ between people who accommodate Trump and those who choose not to throw support behind him. watch

Couric under fire for misleading edit in doc

Katie Couric faces criticism for misleading edit in documentary

06/07/16 07:13AM

Katie Couric has come under criticism for a questionable edit in the documentary, “Under the Gun.” The Morning Joe panel discusses the misleading nature of the edit and its portrayal of a gun rights advocates group. CORRECTION: The film was misidentified as a Yahoo documentary in this segment. It is an independent documentary and has no... watch

French: Trump allies tried to intimidate me

David French: Trump allies tried to intimidate me

06/07/16 06:42AM

Constitutional lawyer and National Review writer David French discusses his decision to bow out of the presidential race as a potential independent challenger. He also comments on a call made by a Trump operative to his wife’s family, characterizing it as a “ham-handed attempt at intimidation.” watch

Parents of disabled child blast Trump in ad

Parents of disabled child blast Trump in PAC ad

06/07/16 06:28AM

A new TV ad from Priorities USA Action, a super PAC supporting Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, features an Ohio couple talking about Donald Trump mocking a reporter’s disabilities. Mark Halperin explains why the ad will most likely go unchallenged. watch

Too soon to call Clinton presumptive nominee?

Was it too soon to call Clinton the presumptive nominee?

06/07/16 06:24AM

The Associated Press and NBC News have declared Hillary Clinton the Democratic presumptive nominee, setting her up to become the first woman to a secure a major party nomination. The Morning Joe panel comments on the milestone and discusses whether the declaration should have waited until the convention. watch


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