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Reinvesting in businesses

Reinvesting in businesses

05/15/12 08:00PM

Author Quint Studer explains how to fix Washington, D.C. and prevent a fiscal meltdown when Democrats and Republicans refuse to compromise with each other. Studer says you can’t depend on the government to fix all problems and must depend on the... watch

Democrats to unleash the 'Super-O-Rama' at...

Democrats to unleash the 'Super-O-Rama' at DNC

05/15/12 08:00PM

Politico Playbook: Joe Biden heads to Ohio Tuesday to reinforce the Obama re-election campaign's message that Mitt Romney is bad for businesses. And the Democrats are planning something called the "Super-O-Rama" for the Democratic National Convention..... watch

Deutsch: Dimon got the pass he should've...

Deutsch: Dimon got the pass he should've gotten

05/15/12 08:00PM

On Tuesday, JPMorgan Chase chairman and CEO met with the company's shareholders and addressed the company’s $2B loss. The shareholders voted to keep Dimon in his role and approved his $23M pay package. Meanwhile, the FBI has opened a probe into the $2B... watch

Sen. Snowe bemoans 'locked down' Senate as she exits

05/15/12 11:22AM

One of Maine’s two long-serving Republican Senators, Olympia Snowe, has made no secret of the fact that she’s fed up with partisan attitudes in Washington that have stymied Congress.The moderate Republican, who announced in February that she would not seek re-election this year after nearly two decades in the Senate, appeared on Morning Joe this morning to discuss the impact of extremism and lack of will to compromise among politicians in both U.S. political parties.“When I first came to the Senate, we had a centrist coalition…and moderates lunch every week,” she said. read more

Poll shows optimism over economy, so will POTUS get credit?

05/15/12 11:15AM

New polls on the economy show something of a change in how Americans feel about the economy, and they also show a tightening race between President Obama and Mitt Romney. The Morning Joe panel – including the Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart, NBC News' Andrea Mitchell and the Huffington Post's Sam Stein – discusses. read more

Must-Read Op-Eds for Tuesday, May 15, 2012

05/15/12 10:51AM

THE RIGHT'S RIGHTEOUS FRAUDSBY FRANK BRUNINEW YORK TIMESeaders in some struggling states ...  know the road to fiscal hell is paved with progressive intentions. The question regarding the sensible ones is whether they have the will and wherewithal to impose the reforms they know their states need. Mr. read more