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E.g., 9/21/2014

Catholic hospitals and contraception coverage: MoJoe readers weigh in

02/07/12 05:03PM

The discussion on Morning Joe for the past two mornings has resulted in a lot of thoughtful Facebook comments from Morning Joe viewers and blog readers.Below is a sampling -- a lot of those who weighed in don't agree with Joe. If a Catholic hospital insists on obeying Catholic rules, you don't have to go to a Catholic hospital. Most hospitals are not Catholic. Thank goodness. If you're a Catholic and you don't like the rules, ignore them, or join a different church. --Charlotte Lawrence If you were hired by Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. read more

Must-Read Op-Eds for Tuesday, February 7, 2012

02/07/12 09:17AM

POISONED POLITICS OF KEYSTONE XLBY JOE NOCERANEW YORK TIMESI realize that President Obama rejected Keystone because, politically, he had no choice.  My guess is that, in his centrist heart of hearts, the president wanted to approve it.  But to give the go-ahead before the election was to risk losing the support of the environmentalists who make up an important part of his base. I also understand that the Republican decision to force Obama’s hand was a political stunt, allowing them to denounce his decision during the campaign. ... read more

Morning Joe's discussion of HHS ruling on contraception coverage continues

Morning Joe's discussion of HHS ruling on contraception coverage continues

02/07/12 07:20AM

The Morning Joe panel discussed the recent HHS ruling for a second day today, this time with Time's Mark Halperin and financier Steven Rattner.Yesterday, the crew discussed the HHS ruling yesterday as well with the Rev. Al Sharpton.The panel focused on how the ruling is energizing the GOP '12 candidates and then continued from there.Part of the conversation is excerpted below. We'll post more in a bit.Mark Halperin: The big factor is it gives energy to the Republican Party and the conservative movement. You see Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney all talking about this. read more

Morning Headlines: Tuesday, February 7

02/07/12 05:47AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Obama campaign reverses stance, urging donations to super PACSyria renews bombardment as U.S. closes embassy and Russia sends envoysCatholic League is mighty upset over the HHS rulingMaldives president quits after weeks of protestJay-Z plays Carnegie HallCold spell puts much of Europe on iceWhat do you make of this ad? read more