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E.g., 9/20/2014
Joe, Mika and Willie checking out our London set.

A Royally Busy Week

05/01/11 07:31PM

What had started months and months ago finally came to an end on Friday.After a ton of planning which included creating graphics, choosing remotes and surviving a whole bunch of stress, the Royal Wedding was complete. Royal Wedding preparation began on Easter Sunday for our NY control room.  I was preparing to direct a week of London shows and msnbc's Royal Wedding coverage along with working with London remote crews. We prepared by having a technical rehearsal to make sure all of the cameras, mics and lights were good to go. read more

Top Talker: Just married!

04/29/11 05:47PM

It's official. Prince William and Kate Middleton are married. They sealed the deal earlier this morning at Westminster Abbey, amidst all the UK hoopla. The new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are now at a black tie event for some wining and dining with 300 of their closest friends at Buckingham Palace.After a full week of coverage in London,  Joe, Mika, and Willie are on their way back to the U.S. We'll see them at 30 Rock, where it'll be business as usual on Monday. For now, let's give a toast to Will and Kate - and their new future. Cheers!   read more

Prince Harry sighting

Prince Harry sighting

04/28/11 07:12PM

I just saw Prince Harry and William outside their home two hours ago and was able to snap these shots of Harry. When asked how he was doing, Prince Harry responded that he was great and was very nervous but excited about tomorrow.   read more

Independent UK: The day America took leave of its senses

Independent UK: The day America took leave of its senses

04/28/11 11:57AM

Since we're in London, we couldn't help but notice the front page of the Independent UK.Rupert Cornwell writes:Has there ever been a more absurdly surreal moment, even in US politics, that unchallengeable theatre of the absurd and the surreal? One moment, we were watching a property magnate, with one eye on the presidency, the other on his reality TV show ratings, and puffed up like a bullfrog, rejoicing on an airport tarmac in New Hampshire that America's President of two years had finally made public his birth certificate  read more

A woman sifts through the destruction of a former T Mobile office after a tornado struck, Wednesday, April 27, 2011 Tuscaloosa, Ala. wave of severe storms laced with tornadoes strafed the South on Wednesday, killing at least 16 people around the region...

Top Talker: Destructive tornadoes rip through the south

04/28/11 09:30AM

 (AP) -- Dozens of tornadoes spawned by a powerful storm system wiped out entire towns across a wide swath of the South, killing at least 194 people, and officials said today they expect the death toll to rise. Alabama's state emergency management agency said it had confirmed 128 deaths, while there were 32 in Mississippi, 15 in Tennessee, 11 in Georgia and eight in Virginia. The National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center in Norman, Okla., said it received 137 tornado reports around the regions into Wednesday night. read more

Must-read Op-eds: April 28, 2011

04/28/11 08:06AM

DEPARTMENT OF GOOD NEWS BY GAIL COLLINSNEW YORK TIMESWell, I just don't see how things can get better than this when it comes to current affairs. Prince William is about to get married and President Obama has released his long-form birth certificate. All we need now is for the House speaker, John Boehner, to follow through on his call for the oil companies to pay their fair share of taxes. Then, really, I think we could go into the weekend with a true feeling of closure...Our next question is how far the closure extends. read more