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Former Utah governor and GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman talks with Time's Mark Halperin on the set of Morning Joe a day after kicking off his campaign at Liberty State Park in Jersey City, New Jersey.

Hunstman: I put my country before party

06/22/11 12:14PM

Former Utah Governor and GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman: "I worked for Reagan; I worked for Bush; I worked for Bush. When a president asks you to stand up and serve your country – particularly during a time of war and economic difficulty, I'm the kind of person who will say 'I'll do it.' I put my country before party and anything else, and I hope that's a philosophy I take to my grave; I hope it’s a philosophy that my sons carry forward as well." read more

A Libyan rebel fires a rocket towards pro-Moammar Khaddafy forces on the front line of Dafniya in Misrata, Libya, Tuesday, June 21, 2011. Rockets fired by Libyan government troops have been hitting closer to Misrata this week. On Monday, a rocket...

Top Talker: Senators Kerry and McCain Offer Libya Resolution

06/22/11 09:40AM

As the debate over funding the conflict continues, Senators John Kerry and John McCain are presenting a united front in support of the NATO-led action. The senators introduced a resolution that would give President Obama authority to continue the mission and help protect Libyan civilians from Moammar Khaddafy. McCain said, "Khaddafy is going to fall. It is just a matter of time. So I would ask my colleagues: Is this the time for Congress to turn against this policy? read more

Must Read Op-Eds for June 22, 2011

06/22/11 09:37AM

Here are today's must read opinion and editorial columns.JON HUNTSMAN'S FIRST STEP TOWARD OBLIVION  BY DANA MILBANKWASHINGTON POSTHe had swapped his jacket and tie for a chessboard-pattern shirt, but his message was the same as earlier: “Our political debates today are corrosive and not reflective of the belief that Abe Lincoln espoused back in his day: that we are a great country because we are a good country.” “I respect the president,” Huntsman repeated in New Hampshire. His supporters applauded. It is an honorable theme. read more

Morning headlines: Wednesday, June 22

06/22/11 06:15AM

Here's a look at stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Huntsman has taken the plungeIt ain't lookin' so great for NewtMichele Bachmann is expected to jump in soon as wellThe president will make his speech on Afghanistan todayPanetta has been approvedKerry and McCain stand in support of the U.S. role in LibyaAstronaut Mark Kelly announces he's retiring to be with wife Gabrielle GiffordsThe clock ticks on the gay marriage vote in New YorkThe First Lady is in South Africa. She met with Nelson Mandela read more

Tom Papa on mornings: I'm a robe guy

06/21/11 03:18PM

Comedian and host of "The Marriage Ref" Tom Papa talked to me today in the Morning Joe greenroom about why he's a robe guy, and why Keith Richards made doing heroin and cocaine seem so practical. read more

Mark McKinnon says "I like Huntsman, but I wear a scarf"

06/21/11 01:02PM

Quite possibly one of the better quotes from today and about Huntsman. From No Labels co-founder Mark McKinnon:"What's unique and interesting about Huntsman is that he's very different. First of all, there's some echoes of George W. Bush in the sense that he's talking about being a new kind of Republican. This nomination contest is not just about the nomination, but the struggle for the soul of the future of the Republican Party. There's a wing of these candidates who say we need to go back. The Huntsman message is more forward looking. read more

Must Read Op-Eds for June 21, 2011

06/21/11 08:13AM

Here are today's must read opinon and editorial columns.WAL-MART WINS. WORKERS LOSE.  EDITORIALNEW YORK TIMESWithout a class action, it will be very difficult for most of the women potentially affected to pursue individual claims. The average wages lost per year for a member of the rejected Wal-Mart class are around $1,100 — too little to give lawyers an incentive to represent such an individual. read more