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Morning Headlines: Friday, August 19th

08/19/11 05:49AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Market plunge reawakens recession fearsTaliban launches deadly attack on Afghan independence dayNBC: Gadhafi making plans for Libya departureReport: BofA could cut up to 10,000 jobsThousands hail Indian activist's return from prisonObama, allies call on Syria’s Assad to quitRick Perry’s loose lips worry Hill Republicans...And he talks about evolutionRockets, airstrikes follow attack on IsraelDeadly twin blasts strike British Council in KabulAnother day, another haboob read more

How can Obama help create jobs for African-Americans?

08/18/11 12:06PM

The Congressional Black Caucus is currently on a 5-city tour, holding job fairs and town hall gatherings.Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif.: "It’s time for us to step up and note that our communities are not being dealt with and to make sure this administration understands that we cannot continue to go on this way. That while this devastating unemployment is in our communities, we cannot be quiet. We’ve got to speak up. We’re being challenged; the Black Caucus is being challenged, and read more

Tales from the Way Too Early Emails

08/18/11 11:43AM

Each morning I scour the Way Too Early inboxes for viewers' tweets, texts and emails.  And every day I select the best ones and read them to Willie at the end of the program.  Here are my Top 5 picks of the week (feel free to weigh in with your thoughts as well):5.) Roland writes "Fell asleep on my easy chair and woke up with you-happens a lot." (Thursday)4.) Robert writes "Pain.  Woke up with serious hip pain. read more

President Barack Obama arrives on the South Lawn of the White House following a three day bus tour through Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois.

Top Talker: Bus Trip Over...Time for Vacation

08/18/11 10:06AM

 After finishing up his economic bus tour, President Obama is leaving today on his 10 day vacation to Martha's Vineyard.  His trip comes as the White House gives new details on the President's upcoming September jobs speech.  The Washington Post reports that the President's plan will include a new round of stimulus spending to spur job growth. read more

Must Read Op-Eds for August 18, 2011

08/18/11 09:03AM

THE GOP'S NON ROMNEY COMPETITION  BY KARL ROVEWALL STREET JOURNALBecause primaries tend to become binary contests, Mrs. Bachmann and Mr. Perry will now likely compete to be the "Not Romney" candidate. They can achieve dominance by attacking each other, attacking Mr. Romney, or attacking Mr. Obama while hyping their own records and values. The smartest course is the last... Twice since Saturday, Mr. Obama's approval rating in the Gallup daily tracking poll has hit 39%, his lowest mark so far. read more