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E.g., 11/21/2014

Is a megaphone and a note reading 'Say something nice' awesome or annoying?

08/23/11 02:04PM

I kinda can't tell. Like any good grump who spends the bulk of his time in New York City, I generally regard a public outpouring of effusive praise with massive suspicion and a big raised eyebrow. So this one is kind of throwing me. It's cute and cutesy, and also pretty disarming and, well, nice.Anyway, you decide.(Via Mediaite, via Improv Everywhere) read more

Howard Dean (l.) and Michael Steele (r.) agreeing to disagree

Howard Dean tells us what he really thinks of the GOP field

08/23/11 01:51PM

Get Michael Steele and Howard Dean on the same panel, get them talking about the GOP presidential field, and something interesting is bound to happen, right?Or maybe just get Michael Steele in the msnbc studio and something interesting is bound to happen.Well, that happened this morning when Vogue's Jacob Weisberg dropped by to talk about former Utah Governor and relatively chill moderate Jon Huntsman and his place in the 2012 fold. He's got a new piece on him.Steele came off as sort of a Huntsman fan, while Dean put the requisite smack down on the GOP. read more

Must Read Op-Eds for August 23, 2011

08/23/11 11:58AM

PERRY'S REALITY GAP  BY RICHARD COHENWASHINGTON POSTWhatever global warming might or might not have done to polar bears, it has put Rick Perry’s presidential candidacy at risk. The Republican Texas governor clings to an ice floe of diminishing credibility, emerging in just about a week’s time as intellectually unqualified to be president. He engaged in a brief dialogue with a child about evolution and came out the loser. Perry said there are some gaps in the theory. If so, he is one... I take Perry seriously. the three-term leader of the vast nation of Texas. read more

Morning Headlines: Tuesday, August 23rd

08/23/11 05:47AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Gadhafi's 'captured' son resurfacesAfter uprising, rebels face struggle for unityRebel advance traps journalists inside Tripoli hotel Gallup poll: GOP contenders neck-and-neck with ObamaHead Of S&P To Step DownHurricane Irene marks first big US threat in years Crude up; Time needed to bring Libyan oil onlineMartin Luther King Jr. read more