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E.g., 12/18/2014
Huffington: Squeezing of middle class key...

Huffington: Squeezing of middle class key issue in US

12/15/11 07:00PM

New Census data shows that nearly one in two Americans have fallen into poverty or are low income. The Huffington Post's Arianna Huffington says the squeezing of the middle class and downward mobility is the most important issue facing the country. The... watch

Priest, Billy Graham's daughter on the...

Priest, Billy Graham's daughter on the holidays

12/15/11 07:00PM

Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy Graham, and Father James Martin join Morning Joe to discuss the legacy of the Rev. Billy Graham, finding joy in a tough economy, the spirit of Christmas, having a relationship with God, and how commercialism detracts... watch

Gregory: War, social issues at front of...

Gregory: War, social issues at front of GOP debate

12/15/11 07:00PM

"Meet the Press" moderator David Gregory says Mitt Romney made the conscious choice to not attack Gingrich during Thursday night's Iowa debate, but the Washington Post's Eugene Robinson thinks Rick Perry invoking Tim Tebow was a memorable debate moment... watch

Joy Behar gets in bed with Joe Scarborough

Joy Behar gets in bed with Joe Scarborough

12/15/11 07:00PM

News You Can't Use: Joy Behar's 10 p.m. talk show is coming to an end, and she chose to spend one of the final episodes recreating a scene from Newhart with her pal Joe Scarborough. Willie Geist shows us the clip. watch

Bill Bennett: We need to be talking about issues, not Gingrich

12/15/11 11:12AM

Conservative radio host and author Bill Bennett: “My worry about Newt is that we don’t have an election in which we talk about the issues. We don’t talk about Obama; we don’t talk about what’s happening in the country. We’re going to endlessly be talking about Newt: What he said yesterday – he took that back. What he said last year. It’s going to be about the idiosyncrasies of a candidate. That’s my worry.” read more

Must Read Op-Eds for Thursday, December 15, 2011

12/15/11 11:08AM

THE SPARRING PARTNERBY DANIEL HENNINGERWALL STREET JOURNALNewt Gingrich will either get Mitt Romney into shape for 2012, or he will take Mitt down in next year's primary contests before the former Massachusetts governor gets himself, and his party, in over his head... It has come to this—a Republican nomination out of Hollywood, which too often is where this process has been the past seven months. But it isn't going to have a Hollywood ending. Tinker Bell isn't going to conjure Chris Christie or anyone else out of fairy dust before the primaries begin. These two are it. read more

Republican presidential candidate former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, gestures during a speech at a fundraising event in Parsippany, N.J., Monday, Dec. 12, 2011.

Top Talker: Romney calls Gingrich "A Wealthy Man"

12/15/11 08:53AM

Mitt Romney is opening up a new line of attack when it comes to personal wealth. Despite his own vast fortune, Romney is suggesting Gingrich's bank account makes him out of touch with the average American.  Speaking to CBS News, Romney said, "He's a very wealthy man. read more

An excerpt from "A Convenient Hatred"

An excerpt from "A Convenient Hatred"

12/15/11 07:52AM

FOREWARDBY SIR HAROLD EVANSI came late to an awareness of antisemitism. I grew up during wartime in a nonreligious but Protestant, working-class family in Manchester, Britain. We were a little uneasy about neighbors who were Catholic. We were barely aware of Jews. They were concentrated across town in Cheetham Hill. I played in a table tennis league for Manchester YMCA against Jewish youth clubs, but in the tensest matches I never heard the derogatory terms of yid and kike. read more

Morning Headlines: Thursday, Dec. 15th

12/15/11 05:52AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?United States shuts down Iraq war1 in 2 Americans are now poor or low incomeFormer President Jacques Chirac found guilty of corruptionRepublicans push $915 billion spending billUS-Russia ties strained as Putin presidency loomsRyan joins with Democrat on proposal aimed at preserving MedicareRomney attacks a surging GingrichPoll: Romney holds lead in N.H., Gingrich and Huntsman on the risePitchfork begins its countdown of the year's top 50 albums read more