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Schumer: Boehner should let chips fall where they may on payroll vote

12/19/11 12:12PM

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y,: “Speaker Boehner has two choices, and there are only two: The first is to pass the bipartisan bill the Senate passed 89-10 – a vast majority of Republicans, a lot of Tea Party guys voted for it. The second is the middle class tax cut will lapse, and he will be responsible. And I don’t think he wants that. So what I suggest is he bring it to the floor tonight – he will – and don’t twist arms. Just let the chips fall where they may. Let the members vote their conscience. read more

Must Read Op-Eds for Monday, December 19, 2011

12/19/11 11:45AM

A FRACTION OF A TAX CUTEDITORIALNEW YORK TIMESMr. Boehner’s opposition makes it clear just how extreme and unreasonable his caucus has become, and how ineffective he has been in controlling its outbursts. By contrast, the Senate passed the two-month extension in an unusually bipartisan vote of 89 to 10. Mitch McConnell, the minority leader, negotiated the compromise and voted for it, as did all but eight Republican senators. But House Republicans, led by their Tea Party wing, cannot stomach the idea of giving Mr. read more

Julia Reed: Hitchens' wit was 'just indestructible'

12/16/11 02:02PM

Essayist, author and cultural critic Christopher Hitchens passed away Thursday night in Houston, Texas after a battle with cancer. The Morning Joe panel remembers his legacy.Julia Reed, author: “I adored Christopher. I’ve never seen anybody that nimble. I mean his mind was just astonishing…You would watch him at a debate table, and he would have some scotch in his cup and still just slay everybody in his wake. His wit was just indestructible.”For a view on Hitchens that supports Reed's thoughts and also runs counter to them, I suggest you read Gawker's take. read more

Must Read Op-Eds for Friday, December 16, 2011

12/16/11 01:00PM

We didn't get the chance to cover the day's opinion columns on the show, but we still have them for you. Enjoy.G.O.P. MONETARY MADNESSBY PAUL KRUGMANNEW YORK TIMESWhat has happened is that hard-money doctrine and paranoia about inflation have taken over the party, even as the predicted inflation keeps failing to materialize. ... Now, it’s still very unlikely that Ron Paul will become president. But, as I said, his economic doctrine has, in effect, become the official G.O.P. line, despite having been proved utterly wrong by events. read more

Audio excerpt for Thomas Friedman's 'That Used to Be Us'

Audio excerpt for Thomas Friedman's 'That Used to Be Us'

12/16/11 12:34PM

You can listen to an excerpt from Thomas Friedman and Michael Mandelbaum's book "That Used to Be Us: How America Fell Behind in the World It Invented and How We Can Come Back." The audio clip is available HERE. (You might want to right click on it, and save it to your desktop or open in a new tab or window.) read more