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Willie Geist from London.

Willie Geist from London

08/01/12 03:53AM

 Way Too Early's very own Willie Geist is in London reporting on the Olympic Games! Find him on NBC Sports for all-day London Olympic coverage! read more

Inside NYC’s underground wonder

Inside NYC’s underground wonder

07/31/12 08:00PM

Stunning new images from beneath the Earth go inside Manhattan’s eeriest construction zone – the building of the 2nd Avenue subway line. Richard Barnes, the photographer of the upcoming cover story of the New York Times Magazine – “New Rock City,”... watch

Missy Franklin wins gold in 100m backstroke at the London Olympics.

Let the Games Begin!

07/31/12 06:06PM

By Lauren SpurrYou can't miss Missy! What you didn't know about new Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin.U.S. Olympic swimmer Missy Franklin captured Americas hearts during her journey to London.  We know her as the high-spirited young face of U.S. read more

Deepak Chopra and family launch new YouTube channel

07/31/12 12:36PM

By Cathy Finkler“Who are you?” “Can you be the change you want to see in the world?”Also, are you a noun or a verb? (Think about it!)These are some questions, Deepak Chopra asks viewers who drop by his new YouTube Channel, The Chopra Well. Chopra started the channel this month with his daughter Mallika and son Gotham to give his fans an online... read more

An excerpt from Bridget Siegel's "Domestic Affairs"

An excerpt from Bridget Siegel's "Domestic Affairs"

07/31/12 11:40AM

“So nice to meet you,” he said so superficially that it would have been better if he had ignored her altogether.You have met me a million times, Olivia thought. She faked a polite smile.“So nice to see you as well,” she said, changing out the words. She wondered why all politicians couldn’t learn Campaign Lesson #9—always use the word “see”... read more

Must-Read Op-Eds for July 31, 2012

07/31/12 10:38AM

DULLEST CAMPAIGN EVERBY DAVID BROOKSNEW YORK TIMESPresident Obama’s proposals are small and medium-size retreads, while Mitt Romney has run the closest thing to a policy-free race as any candidate in my lifetime. Republicans spend their days fleshing out proposals, which Romney decides not to champion. ... Both parties are driven more by hatred... read more


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