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Is the end nigh for Rick Santorum?

04/04/12 11:22AM

With Mitt Romney’s sweep of Wisconsin, Maryland, and Washington D.C. last night, is the end getting near for Rick Santorum?Santorum now seems to be betting everything on a strong showing in his home state of Pennsylvania on April 24. But appearing on Morning Joe, NBC’s Chuck Todd said the former senator is likely to be getting some awkward phone calls over the next few days.“I wonder what the next 72 hours are going to be like in Rick Santorum’s life,” said Todd. read more

Does Romney have a women problem? Or just a general election problem?

04/04/12 10:29AM

Even the morning after Mitt Romney’s latest decisive primary wins, his struggles with women voters were in the spotlight on Morning Joe again.Appearing as a guest, Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire, a Republican and strong Romney backer, said women voters are worried about the same economic issues – she named gas prices and the deficit – as everyone else. read more

Scarborough: Nobody thinks Romney is going to win in general election

04/04/12 06:26AM

Mitt Romney took home some pretty serious wins last night in Washington D.C., Maryland and Wisconsin.And this morning, Joe Scarborough and Time's Mark Halperin had a quick exchange about Romney's odds at winning the general election later this year.Scarborough said no one is expecting Romney to pull out a win.Joe Scarborough: Nobody thinks Romney is going to win. Can we just say this for everybody at home? I have yet to meet a person in the Republican establishment that thinks Mitt Romney is going to win the general election this year. read more