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Sigourney Weaver joins us for a talk about "Political Animals"

07/12/12 01:36PM

By Molly MitchellSigourney Weaver stopped by Morning Joe to promote her new USA Network limited TV series, Political Animals.Sigourney Weaver, people!!!Weaver stars as former First Lady and current Secretary of State, Elaine Barrish Hammond, who is trying to keep her family together while simultaneously dealing with her demanding job at the... read more

Must-Read Op-Eds for Thursday, July 12, 2012

07/12/12 01:18PM

ROMNEY IN THE LIONS' DENBY CHARLES M. BLOWNEW YORK TIMESI doubt that Romney thought he’d change many minds among African-Americans when he spoke to the group and I’m not convinced that was even his strategy. The speech sounded like it was designed not for the audience in the room, but for those in Republican living rooms. It sounded as... read more

Morning Headlines: Thursday, July 12

07/12/12 05:39AM

Here's a look at the stories we're following right now. What are you reading this morning?Syria diplomat defects as UN battles divisionsFriends: Jesse Jackson Jr. in treatment in ArizonaEven in worst-case scenario, conservatives look beyond 'Obamacare'Romney Invested Millions In Chinese Firm That Profited On U.S.... read more

TV series shows drama of a political dynasty

TV series shows drama of a political dynasty

07/11/12 08:00PM

Actress Sigourney Weaver and “Political Animals” creator Greg Berlanti discuss the USA Network’s latest hit mini-series. Arianna Huffington also joins the conversation to share The Huffington Post’s list of the top real-life “political animals” of all... watch

What are the possibilities for Afghanistan after the US leaves?

07/11/12 03:27PM

The New Yorker's Dexter Filkins joined us this morning to discuss his latest piece on what will happen in Afghanistan when the bulk of U.S. troops leave the country. In his piece, Filkins writes:Afghan and American officials believe that some precipitating event could prompt the country’s ethnic minorities to fall back into their enclaves... read more

Mika (l.) with Ginny Brzezinski and Natalia Brzezinski

Mika goes on a family vacation to Sweden, 'highly' recommends it

07/11/12 02:10PM

"Last week I traveled with my family to Sweden, where my brother Mark is currently honored to serve as US Ambassador," Mika Brzezinski writes in a post for the National Memo."He and his wife Natalia are profoundly grateful for the role they have at the embassy and for the opportunity to work with their talented colleagues to... read more

Must-Read Op-Eds for Wednesday, July 11, 2012

07/11/12 11:53AM

MR. ROMNEY’S FINANCIAL BLACK HOLEEDITORIALNEW YORK TIMESMr. Romney has resisted all demands for more disclosure, leading to growing criticism from Democrats that he is trying to hide his fortune and his tax schemes from the public. Given the troubling suspicions about his finances, he needs to release many more returns and quickly open his books... read more

Pelosi breaks it down: Ranking politicial dance moves

07/11/12 11:26AM

By: Molly MitchellIf you were awake this morning at the crack of dawn, then you’re already aware that Mr. Jonathan Capehart was on hand to host Way Too Early at the D.C. bureau in Willie's stead. And if you tuned into Morning Joe, you also know he joined the crew for the first hour.As the rule goes with Morning Joe, anyone who fills in for... read more

Has the Obama campaign found its sea legs? Carville thinks so

07/11/12 10:18AM

James Carville, the veteran Democratic strategist who has advised both Bill and Hillary Clinton, has not shied away from criticizing President Obama's re-election strategy in the past but Wednesday he praised him.Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough asked Carville Wednesday if it was frustrating for him to watch the president fail to "... read more