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Is Jared Kushner in legal jeopardy?

Is Jared Kushner in legal jeopardy?

05/04/18 08:39AM

Vanity Fair's Emily Jane Fox discusses Rudy Giuliani's comments about Jared Kushner and if Kushner is in legal jeopardy. The panel also discusses the latest revelations regarding Stormy Daniels and Michael Cohen. watch

'There's something off about Rudy Giuliani these days'

Giuliani's revelations blindside Trump lawyers, aides

05/04/18 07:30AM

The Washington Post's Eugene Robinson writes about the 'sour smell of panic' coming from the White House 'as the president's lies threaten to unravel.' Robinson joins Morning Joe to discuss the WH, Rudy Giuliani and Joe's latest Washington Post column. watch

'Something really is wrong at the FBI': Time argues

Time Magazine investigates the state of the FBI

05/03/18 10:51AM

Time Magazine takes a look at one of the president's preferred targets, the FBI, in its latest issue and investigates the issues with the agency. Massimo Calabresi joins Morning Joe to discuss. Rick Stengel also joins the conversation. watch


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