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Joe: Yesterday, the WH got it right by listening

Joe Scarborough: Trump did the right thing by listening

02/22/18 06:17AM

One week after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, President Trump held a listening session with survivors and families as well as parents of Sandy Hook and Columbine victims. Sen. Marco Rubio also listened to victims at a town hall in Florida. watch

An excerpt from 'Political Tribes'

02/21/18 08:14AM

Humans are tribal. We need to belong to groups. We crave bonds and attachments, which is why we love clubs, teams, fraternities, family. Almost no one is a hermit. Even monks and friars belong to orders. But the tribal instinct is not just an instinct to belong. It is also an instinct to exclude. read more

Can students help change conversation on reform?

Can students help change conversation on gun reform?

02/21/18 08:10AM

Chris Matthews weighs in on conspiracy theorists who call Parkland high school students 'crisis actors.' The panel, including Elisabeth Bumiller and Josh Earnest, also discuss where the country stands on gun legislation and if now is the time to act. watch

As shootings become epidemic, is now the time for change?

As shootings become epidemic, is now the time for change?

02/21/18 07:05AM

As high school student's begin mobilizing following last week's shooting, the Florida State House blocked debate on a measure to ban many semiautomatic guns. Yet as the gun debate continues, is now the time for real reform? The panel discusses. watch

Rupert Murdoch sends President Trump a memo

New York Post sends Trump a memo on guns

02/21/18 06:56AM

The cover of Wednesday's New York Post reads 'Hope for Gun Control.' The panel discusses the president's fondness for his hometown tabloid, and why this is a message from owner Rupert Murdoch to Trump. watch


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