Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown greets voters at the Mount Cube maple sugar house in Orford, N.H. on March 22, 2014.
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Yes, Scott Brown is running

Scott Brown is running for Senate again, this time in New Hampshire.

The former Massachusetts senator who lost in a pricey, high-profile race to Sen. Elizabeth Warren in 2012 will make his candidacy official on Thursday, according the New Hampshire Journal. 

Brown’s been mulling the move for months.

Late last year, he confirmed that he and his family had moved to the Granite State. Last month, he unveiled an exploratory committee and filed a “statement of candidacy” with the Federal Elections Committee, so he could begin fundraising, according to the Boston Globe.

Brown will likely challenge Democrat Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, who has already called on Brown to sign a pledge vowing not to accept fundraising from out-of-state groups. Brown signed a similar pledge in his 2012 race against Warren, but has so far declined to re-up the promise in his new state.

Brown is far from a new political face to New Hampshire residents; the small state shares a TV market with Boston, so they were subjected to as many ads during 2012’s nearly $68 million race between Warren and Brown.

Brown’s venture into the race will undoubtedly raise the stakes and profile of the race. Last month, President Obama spoke out against Brown’s candidacy.

“I’d be happy if Scott Brown wants to move down to Texas,” he said. “You know, we could always use some moderate Republicans in other parts of the country. New Hampshire’s already got it covered with a great senator.”

An email to Brown’s aides was not immediately returned.

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Yes, Scott Brown is running