‘We’re on the precipice of shutdown…because of one man’


New York Republican Rep. Peter King isn’t mincing words over Sen. Ted Cruz.

“Is he a fraud?” co-host Mika Brzezinski asked, referring to King’s appellation for the Texas Republican earlier this week.

“Yes, he is,” King said without hesitation.  “What I’m saying directly is what other people like Tom Coburn is saying more politely, is saying that he’s pursuing a policy which is not intellectually honest.”

“He’s selling a false bill of goods to the American people,” King siad. Cruz earned the ire of nearly everyone in his party for suggesting that defunding Obamacare was possible, despite the fact that even the healthcare reform law’s harshest critics said it couldn’t be done. He hurt Republicans by criticizing them for not attempting an impossible and destructive legislative strategy, King said.

Worse, “we’re on the precipice of a shutdown, which I hope will not happen, because of one man,” King said. “I think it’s his fault but it’s also the fault of too many Republicans for allowing him to go this far.”

‘We’re on the precipice of shutdown...because of one man’