Van Halen plays gig at tiny Manhattan club, and you didn’t see it



Let’s take a break from Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and let’s talk about New York for just a few seconds.

Last night, Van Halen…yes Van Halen…played a gig at a very tiny club in the Village. And David Lee Roth was on vocals. Yes, he’s back in the band. Only 250 people were there. Watch the video above. That’s what it looked and sounded like.

Over the years, Van Halen had David Lee Roth, lost him, picked up some other singers, and then got DLR back. They’ve also lost Michael Anthony, but they’ve got Eddie Van Halen’s kid on bass now.

Apparently some of the lucky folks there included Jimmy Fallon and Kirk Douglas. MoJoe wasn’t there, but this is still awesome, and we support it.

Diamond Dave’s uncle used to own the joint, and Dylan and Hendrix, among others, have played there.

It was something of a warm-up gig before they release a new album and begin an arena tour in February.

In his review, New York Daily News music critic Jim Farber included the set list, which borrowed from their debut, “Van Halen II” and “1984” and had a new song (“She’s the Woman”) thrown in for good measure:

You Really Got Me

Running With The Devil

Somebody Get Me A Doctor

Everybody Wants Some

She’s The Woman

Dance The Night Away


Hot For Teacher

Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love


How do you think ole DLR and the crew sounds? You gonna take some time off from the primaries and go and see them if they hit your town?

Van Halen plays gig at tiny Manhattan club, and you didn't see it