Tina Brown defends Bachmann cover, says pic wasn’t from lighting test


And now it’s time for Tina Brown’s take on the Michele Bachmann cover controversy.

Newsweek has been catching a lot of heat for the photograph of Bachmann, which was shot in Washington by Chris Buck, and the cover headline calling her “The Queen of Rage.”

Here’s what Brown told us just a little while ago:

Some people look this picture and think Michele Bachmann looks crazy. Some people look at it and think it’s the next president of the United States. The fact that these two things are no longer mutually exclusive is what, I think, makes it pretty compelling. Listen, this came out of a week where a New York Times columnist called the Tea Party terrorists, and then apologized the next week. This is a very polarized moment in politics, and this photo to us absolutely captured that moment.

Brown also says that Bachmann’s intensity is in pretty much every photograph taken of her.

Bachmann has Iowa in her sights this weekend, and she just got an endorsement from the Iowa Tea Party.

So how, if at all, will this cover controversy help or hurt her in Iowa and further down the road? You tell us.

Tina Brown defends Bachmann cover, says pic wasn't from lighting test