The Story Behind The Story: ‘S’ vs. ‘B’


It’s the slip of the letter.  Substituting that  ’S’ for a ‘B.’  

You know what I’m talking about: All those folks who keep mistakenly calling Osama (bin Laden) “Obama.”  With the news of the former’s death, the flap has been rampant this week.  

And like a plague,  it even visited the set of Morning Joe today.  Author and Presidential  historian Doris Kearns Goodwin joined us to talk about where the President’s highly tense moment of targeting and killing bin Laden stacks up to similar incidents faced by his predecessors.  During the segment, Doris was hit by the Osama/Obama bug.  But her gaffe led to innovation.  

We in the Morning Joe control room preview late night comedy clips during commercial breaks so we can decide which ones are funny enough and appropriate enough to air.  Earlier in  the morning, we had seen a clip from “The Daily Show” where Jon Stewart made fun of the Osama/Obama snafu.  As soon as Doris misspoke, my colleague  Alex Korson and I decided that we had to play the Stewart clip after the next break.  Unfortunately, the moment of levity did not keep Morning Joe friend, Harold Ford, Jr. from making the same mistake two blocks later.  

I guess there’s only so much you can do…

The Story Behind The Story: 'S' vs. 'B'