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The ‘nothing’ election fails to inspire


“It’s a good time to follow the candidates – if you like elections about nothing,” Joe Scarborough said on Morning Joe Wednesday, as the team discussed the final days of a campaign season with more memes than policies.

“It’s a strange thing to have both candidates asking us essentially to follow them blindly into the next four years,” Willie Geist remarked. “In other words, ‘I’m not going to get into specifics but trust me, I’m better than him, or he’s worse than me.’”

Last week, Obama coined the term Romnesia at a campaign event in Virginia. The term spread virally online, but the Morning Joe crew criticized the president and Gov. Mitt Romney for talking about, well, nothing.

“It’s so far from what it was in 2008,” BBC’s Katty Kay commented. “At this stage in the campaign he was talking about what he was going to do—he was promising to change Washington.”

Yesterday, the Obama campaign released a report on the president’s plans for the next four years, but it contained no new policy proposals.

“I long for the days when he was going to heal the Earth and stop the oceans from rising,” Scarborough said. “At least he was saying something.”

Romney’s own tax plan for America has been famously declared mathematically impossible by economists  and his white papers and promotional plans also lack specific policy details.

“Nobody’s talking about the future—nobody,” Scarborough said. “The banks keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Four years after the crash, nobody’s talking about how ‘too big to fail’ has gotten bigger. Nobody on either side is talking about breaking up the big government. We are as bloated as the Yankees payroll.”

The 'nothing' election fails to inspire