Sigourney Weaver joins us for a talk about “Political Animals”


By Molly Mitchell

Sigourney Weaver stopped by Morning Joe to promote her new USA Network limited TV series, Political Animals.

Sigourney Weaver, people!!!

Weaver stars as former First Lady and current Secretary of State, Elaine Barrish Hammond, who is trying to keep her family together while simultaneously dealing with her demanding job at the State Department. The show premieres Sunday at 10 p.m. EST.

Weaver explained the show begins with the idea of, “Once a family is in the White House they want to get back in the White House” whether or not the experience was good or bad. Joe and Mika both noted that many critics have suggested that Political Animals is loosely based on Hillary Clinton’s own life. After all, she too was first lady and well, IS, Secretary of State.

Greg Berlanti, the show’s creator, agreed that they took the “narrative” of powerful political families but that the characters aren’t imitation but uniquely original. Berlanti said, “Of course when you have someone like Sigourney Weaver playing the character you’re not questioning if she is imitating someone. You just see the character that is Elaine Hammond.”

Let us know what you - are you intrigued with Political Animals enough to watch or DVR the premiere?

Sigourney Weaver joins us for a talk about "Political Animals"