School bus drivers and ‘cold selfishness’: Robinson on Paul Ryan and Romney


“Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate underscores the central question posed by this campaign,” Eugene Robinson writes yesterday in the Washington Post. “Should cold selfishness become the template for our society, or do we still believe in community? Romney wanted the election to be seen as a referendum on the success or failure of President Obama’s economic policies. Instead, he has revealed that the campaign is really a choice between two starkly different philosophies. One could be summed up as: “We’re all in this together.” The other: “I’ve got mine.”

Robinson joined the show this morning to further elaborate on his points in the column.

“If you listen to Ryan, and if you listen to Romney actually, it’s about rewarding the winners more lavishly than even they imagined, and it’s about the losers, I suppose they’ll rise a little bit with everyone else but not worrying terribly much about them. That’s the substance, in many ways, of the Ryan budget,” he said.

Watch the interview for more of the discussion.

School bus drivers and 'cold selfishness': Robinson on Paul Ryan and Romney