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GOP continues soul searching after election, Romney's 'gifts' comments

Top Talkers: GOP leaders are continuing their soul searching following the 2012 elections, and they are criticizing Mitt Romney's recent remarks the president won by offering his constituents "gifts." The Morning Joe panel – including Donny Deutsch,...

Scarborough: Romney has the ‘insulated view of a guy who grew up rich’


Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough says we shouldn’t be surprised that Mitt Romney thinks the president bought votes with “financial gifts from the government.”

In a conference call with donors following the election, Romney said the president essentially bought the election with gifts to voters: “What the president’s campaign did was focus on certain members of his base coalition, give them extraordinary financial gifts from the government, and worked very aggressively to turn out the vote.”

It’s the “insulated view of a guy who grew up rich and grew up in this insular world,” Scarborough said on Friday’s Morning Joe.

Romney made clear he felt this way at the now-infamous fundraising event where he said 47% of the electorate didn’t matter, Scarborough said.

“It was there. The 47% quote – he actually believed it,” he said. “That was his twisted view of what he views conservatism to be, that you write off 47% of the population and try and squeeze out the 3 percent of voters who are undecided.”

Jon Meacham of Random House agreed: “Those of us who just wanted to think he was talking about tactics, that it was late at night, that he didn’t really mean it – we were wrong.”


Scarborough: Romney has the ‘insulated view of a guy who grew up rich’