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Scarborough to pols: ‘Lots of luck explaining’ your vote against background checks


Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough spoke out against politicians who oppose background checks on Wednesday’s show.

“The debate right now is: Do the universal background checks cover the friend to friend transfer and the family to family transfer—and if they do not—if it just closes the gun show and the online loophole, there’s a chance that the N.R.A. gives members a free pass and doesn’t score it and they’ll then get hammered by Gun Owners of America.

But if you’re a Republican and you’re voting against something that 92% of Americans support? Lots of luck. If you are a Democrat—one of these 12 Democratic Senators—and you’re going to vote against background checks that don’t require background screens for individual to individual, family to family sales? Lots of luck explaining that on the campaign trail.

I hope you and Wayne LaPierre enjoy your time outside of public service.”

Scarborough to pols: 'Lots of luck explaining' your vote against background checks