Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) arrives at a press conference following the weekly Democratic policy luncheon July 15, 2014 at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC.
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty

Reid hits back at GOP for ‘crazy ideas’ on border crisis

Just one day after the GOP put Nevada Sen. Harry Reid in the cross hairs with its #FireReid campaign, the Senate Majority Leader hit back at Republicans’ handling of the border crisis, saying they can’t decide “which crazy idea” to use.

“I think that if you are focusing on the House, they are going very bad over there because the Republicans can’t agree what they want,” Sen. Harry Reid said during a press briefing on Tuesday. “The Democrats aren’t going to support some of their crazy ideas and the Republicans can’t agree which crazy idea they want to put forward.”

The two parties are deeply divided on how to handle the border crisis: Democrats have said they won’t allow changes to the 2008 human trafficking law that allows unaccompanied minors to enter the country and seek asylum, while Republicans say it’s the root problem and must be fixed. Republicans in the House are further divided over their own party’s approach, which has contributed to stalling President Obama’s request for $3.7 billion to shore up the border and deal with the influx of refugees.

“I don’t believe the American people will support sending more money to the border unless both parties work together to address these policies and actually solve this problem,” Boehner said Tuesday in a statement.

But Reid deflected the blame, saying Senate Democrats needed help from Republicans to get a bill passed.

“Over here, my caucus is doing just fine,” he said Tuesday.

Reid’s rebuke comes on the heels of an announcement by the Republican National Committee that they’d begin robocalls in twelve states and a social media push aimed at mobilizing the base against the Nevada senator and his caucus, arguing that he’s derailed all the legislation passed by the House.