Rachel Weisz talks extraordinary circumstances of ‘The Whistleblower’

In her new film, The Whistleblower, Rachel Weisz plays the smart, tough, and compassionate Kathy Bolkovac – a former Nebraska cop who takes on the U.N. when she see atrocities against women as a peacekeeper in post-war Bosnia.
In the film Weisz’s character is the woman who acted when others wouldn’t. In a key scene she finds out her peers are engaging in human trafficking of women and girls. She goes on to confront the men, eventually forcing them out of their jobs in Bosnia. 
I sat down with Rachel before the film was released. She told me about her love of thriller films and how she really connected with this character. However, she was humble when I asked about how she would have reacted if put in those circumstances.
The Whistleblower comes out this Friday, August 5.

Rachel Weisz talks extraordinary circumstances of 'The Whistleblower'