Obama campaign doubles down on Romney’s tax returns


President Obama continues to request Mitt Romney release more of his personal financial information, and his re-election team rolled out a new Web ad today hammering the GOP candidate on the issue.

“Mitt Romney is defying calls to release more than one year’s worth of tax returns. How long can Romney keep information on his investments in overseas tax havens secret? And why did he do it in the first place?,” the ad asks.

Yahoo News’ Oliver Knox noted that Romney is not exactly following in the footsteps of his father George Romney, the former governor of Michigan:

George Romney, a top executive at American Motors and former governor of Michigan, set the modern standard for presidential candidates when he released 12 years of tax returns during his bid for the 1968 Republican presidential nomination. Mitt Romney has released information from one year — and Democrats have been hammering the former Massachusetts governor, darkly suggesting that he has something to hide. Critics have seized on Romney’s Swiss bank account — now closed — and on funds in the Cayman Islands and Bermuda.

Politico’s Patrick Gavin also joined us this morning to discuss the ad and if it will be effective for the Obama campaign. Watch the video below:

Obama campaign doubles down on Romney's tax returns