Mitt Romney hands out money to supporter in South Carolina

Mitt Romney in Myrtle Beach
Mitt Romney in Myrtle Beach
Pool / Reuters

(Via VF Daily)

During a campaign event Friday in South Carolina, Mitt Romney handed out roughly $50 to an unemployed supporter.

According to ABC News, a woman named Ruth Williams informed Romney she had been out of work since October 2010, and this information prompted Romney to reach into his wallet and give her the money.

The State Column reminds us of a moment not too long ago when Romney was waving (at least in theory) his money around:

The last time voters likely remember Mr. Romney flashing cash was probably a $10,000 bet he proposed to Texas Governor Rick Perry during a presidential debate in Iowa in November. The former Massachusetts governor received heightened criticism following that debate regarding his $10,000 challenge during a time when so many Americans are either unemployed or struggling to pay their bills.

What do you think? Just a way to get some additional, somewhat humanizing news written about you before the primary or actually a sign of some real feeling and charity on Romney’s part?