U.S. Representative Michael Grimm (R-NY, 11th District) leaves a press conference he spoke at after leaving Brooklyn Federal Court where he was indicted on 20 counts on April 28, 2014 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.
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Rep. Michael Grimm resigns from committee, but says he’ll be back


New York Rep. Michael Grimm requested his removal from the House Committee on Financial Services after he turned himself in to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and was subsequently indicted on 20 charges on Monday.

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How strong is the case against Michael Grimm?

Michael Grimm, R-N.Y., has stepped down from the Financial Services Committee, but vows to stay in his seat despite the 20 count indictment against him. NBC’s Jonathan Dienst discusses with guest host Kristen Welker.
The Republican congressman subsequently sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner asking to be dismissed from his appointment with the committee to prevent diversion from his former peers focusing on issues.

“It is unfortunate that trumped-up charges filed against me have necessitated this action but this was an appropriate decision that ensures the committee’s legislative agenda is not distracted,” Grimm said in a statement, adding that the removal is a temporary resignation until his name is cleared in court.

Grimm – who was taken into custody after surrendering to the FBI on Monday – faces charges of mail, wire, and health care fraud, as well as perjury and obstruction of official proceeding, related to a private business deal he made before he was elected, msnbc previously reported.

Grimm, who was once viewed as a rising GOP star, currently serves his second term as a representative for Staten Island, a borough of New York City.

He was expected to return to D.C. on Tuesday, his office said.

“I look forward to resuming my work on the committee,” Grimm said, “once a jury of my peers has weighed the evidence and I am fully exonerated.”

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Michael Grimm and New York

Rep. Michael Grimm resigns from committee, but says he'll be back