Mark McKinnon says “I like Huntsman, but I wear a scarf”


Quite possibly one of the better quotes from today and about Huntsman. From No Labels co-founder Mark McKinnon:

“What’s unique and interesting about Huntsman is that he’s very different. First of all, there’s some echoes of George W. Bush in the sense that he’s talking about being a new kind of Republican. This nomination contest is not just about the nomination, but the struggle for the soul of the future of the Republican Party. There’s a wing of these candidates who say we need to go back. The Huntsman message is more forward looking. He’s an interesting blend: He’s pro-life, pro-guns, pro-business but also pro-civil unions, pro-immigration…and pro-civility. So it’s a very interesting blend…I like Jon Huntsman, but I wear a scarf. That’s probably the kiss of death that I like him.”

Jon Huntsman

Mark McKinnon says "I like Huntsman, but I wear a scarf"