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Joe Scarborough: Cruz’s filibuster ‘is just phony’


Texas Sen. Ted Cruz began on Tuesday afternoon fake filibustering a bill in opposition to Obamacare “that does exactly what he wants to do,” Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough said Wednesday on the show.

“This is just phony. This isn’t even inspiring narcissism,” he said. “He could be doing this in his closet, and it would have the same exact effect on America.”

Cruz, who continued his filibuster Wednesday morning, said he would continue to speak in support of defunding the health reform bill until he cannot stand.

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“I intend…to do everything that I can to help Americans stand together and recognize this grand experiment three and a half years ago is simply not working,” Cruz said to a virtually empty Senate chamber.

“We can say it’s phony all we want, but you know who doesn’t think it’s phony?” the New York Times’ Jeremy Peters said on the show. “The grassroots Tea Party voters who he’s aiming for.”

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Joe Scarborough: Cruz's filibuster 'is just phony'