A healthcare reform specialist helps people select insurance plans at an ACA Enrollment Fair in Pasadena, Calif. Nov. 19, 2013.
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Joe Scarborough: Americans should have ‘alternative to Obamacare’


Americans deserve a different option for enrolling in health care plans besides the Obamacare website, host Joe Scarborough said on Monday’s Morning Joe.

“The point is we don’t think this is working, and we should have an alternative to Obamacare that works,” he said.

White House officials met their Dec. 1 deadline to improve HealthCare.gov with software and hardware upgrades they hope will improve the overall consumer experience. The Obama administration conducted more than 400 technical fixes which should allow the website to serve up to 50,000 people at the same time.

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The website is now stable 90% of the time, officials said.

If these problems occurred in the private sector, employees would have been fired, Steve Rattner, msnbc financial analyst, said.

But, “the website is improved vastly from where it was two months ago,” Robert Gibbs, former White House secretary, added.

“There is still a chance,” former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell said, “to achieve its basic goal.”

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Joe Scarborough: Americans should have 'alternative to Obamacare'