Joan Rivers: It’s not that I hate you- I just hate your type

Joan Rivers on the set of Morning Joe
Joan Rivers on the set of Morning Joe

By Molly Mitchell

Comedy and showbiz legend Joan Rivers stopped by the show this morning to talk about her new book, I Hate Everyone Starting…with Me.

And if we weren’t awake before her interview, we were certainly wide eyed after.

Rivers – who’s also the subject of an incredibly engaging and…well…touching 2010 documentary – sat with Mika, Willie and show regular Mark Halperin chatting about what drives her crazy, her dislike of Mika’s sweater choice and how raw and lonely at times show business can be.

It turns out that “hate” isn’t exactly what Rivers means.

As she explains in the opening pages of her novel “…being fed up and angry is better than being depressed.” She reiterated a similar idea to the panel this morning stating, “Anyone who doesn’t understand how stupid they are have no room in my life.”

Mika also asked Rivers, who’s also an E! Fashion Police host, what she thought about her sweater. Rivers, in the almost-incisive and honest candor that seems to be her entertainment stock in trade, replied that she wasn’t a fan but that it was “Okay for a serious person…I wouldn’t send you on the red carpet in that.”

Later on Halperin remarked that while Rivers said she was a fan of Mika’s fitness she writes in the book about hating thin people. Rivers then acknowledged that   “I hate thin people” “I don’t hate you personally, I hate your type…thin, pretty, blond, great eyes screw you!” Adding, “You’re good looking and smart you’ve got the package.”

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Joan Rivers: It's not that I hate you- I just hate your type