Scarborough: Predictably, GOP will panic, ‘lose’


It’s the end of the road for the showdown over the debt ceiling: on Thursday, the country will reach the point where the U.S. Treasury says the country runs out of money.

And the GOP isn’t in a good place, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough said.

“Some people in my party took the stupid pill. They came up with a horrible strategy. We all said they were gonna lose,” he said. “So guess what? They’re gonna lose.”

“Guess what they’re gonna do before the government defaults? They’re gonna cave in and they’re gonna look horrible. I don’t know how these baseball series are gonna end, but I know how this is gonna end—they’re not going to default on the credit of the United States.”

The turning point will be when the markets lose confidence, he said.

“At some point, whether it’s Thursday or the following Tuesday, when the markets wake up and realize that a lot of people took the crazy pill in Washington, those markets are going to collapse when they do, John Boehner is going to panic like any responsible adult would do and he’s gonna run to the floor and they’re going to end the crisis.”

Scarborough: Predictably, GOP will panic, 'lose'