GOP’s shutdown scheme will fail, says former Bush spokeswoman


Republicans are moving forward with their plan to defund Obamacare by refusing to vote for budgets that include any funding for the healthcare reform—a move that could soon effectively shut down the government.

There may be a genuine grassroots movement to do it, former spokesman for President Bush Nicolle Wallace said on Morning Joe, but someone needs to be the adult in the GOP and say no.

“I have a two-year old. Sometimes when he’s on his scooter, he wants to cross the street even when the light is red, on Central Park West, cars move very fast. It’s your job as the parent to hold the child in the scooter from running into traffic, ‘cause he would get squished,” Wallace began.

“There is grassroots support in this country among Republicans, among conservatives, among Tea Party members to do this… So Ted Cruz is responding to what is a genuine sentiment out there, but however, when Republicans run into the street despite the fact there’s a flashing red light, they’re gonna get hit by the cars and killed,” she said. “So this is stupid politically, this is stupid at a policy level because as the great Charles Krauthammer said it has no chance of succeeding, this is Obama’s signature domestic policy achievement, so they’re going to fail.”

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GOP's shutdown scheme will fail, says former Bush spokeswoman